Patients at Risk: Exposing Canada’s Health-care Crisis


Written by: Susan Martinuk


This book is an exceptionally worthwhile contribution to the Canadian health-care debate. Martinuk breaks the “cone silence” which prevails over health care and exposes it for what it is – an outdated, bloated, bureaucratic, government-controlled monopoly where patients rank well down the list of priorities and health-care workers are trapped in a regulatory maze over which they have no control. As such, it presents a compelling and irrefutable case for change. It’s time for hospital executives across Canada, who are well aware of the serious shortcomings documented in this book, to speak up and stand up for change.

“I am grateful to Gerard Lucyshyn for his suggestions, advice, and encouragement.” – Susan Martinuk



264pp  ISBN: 09781777657741 (softcover)
Publisher: Gerard Lucyshyn
Published by: Frontier Centre for Public Policy  December 2021

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