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Redefining Canada’s Internal Boundaries

It has been nearly 115 years since the provinces Alberta and Saskatchewan were established. Through pure determination and will, the citizens of Alberta and Saskatchewan have developed these provinces into economic necessities for Canada. Despite suffering through extremely challenging economic, environmental, and deliberate external political interference, Albertans and Saskatchewanians continue to be successful. This paper examines the fundamental rights of Albertans and Saskatchewanians have to tide-water, riparian rights, economic rights, and mobility rights; and the neglect of those rights by the federal government for the past 115 years ... READ MORE

Balancing Elephants: Saskatchewan’s Return on Investment - SASKFERCO

Balancing Elephants: Saskatchewan’s Return on Investment - SASKFERCO The 1980’s brought in some of the worst economic times Saskatchewan had ever had. It was a time of many systemic changes, political uncertainties, and economic hardships, both at local and international levels. This paper examines and reviews the returns on investment received by Saskatchewanians from decisions made ... READ MORE

Balancing Elephants: Calculating Saskatchewan's Return on Investment - Meadow Lake Pulp Mill

“We must not let rulers load us with perpetual debt.” - Thomas Jefferson. The financial story of the Meadow Lake Pulp Mill causes many Saskatchewan residents to cringe and shake their heads in disdain. Simply put, it has historically been recorded in the minds of Saskatchewan residents as the “worst deal in the history of Saskatchewan.” The government of Saskatchewan lost their entire investment on this venture close to $1B, if one were to accept the mainstream media, defensive politicians, and special interest groups’ version of the story. However, the actual loss was only ... READ MORE

Balancing Elephants: Saskatchewan’s Return on Investment - AG-WEST BIOTECH INC.

Despite political uncertainty, the crash of oil prices, the devastation of drought and infestation the Grant Devine government forged ahead with an idea that was twenty years ahead of its time. Capitalizing on Saskatchewan’s rich agricultural history and providing a relatively small investment set Saskatchewan on the path to becoming a world leader in the agricultural biotechnology sector. This decision has provided Saskatchewan citizens an enormous ... READ MORE

Distributing the Risk: Mortgage Default Insurance

Mortgage Default Insurance (MDI) is mandatory in Canada for residential purchases where the purchaser’s down payment is between 5% and 19.99%.[i] Most MDI premiums fall in the range between 2.4% to 6.6% of the mortgage amount. The idea behind MDI is to increase the protection of lenders in the event that a borrower defaults on their mortgage, that is, fails to make the outstanding payments. Countries that have adopted MDI in the housing market increase home buyers access to the real estate market, simply by distributing the risk ... READ MORE

No Lands or Property... Shall Be Liable to Taxation

Section 125 of the Constitution Act, 1867, states: “No Lands or Property belonging to Canada or any Province shall be liable to Taxation.” This constitutional protection is at the center of many long standing arguments between the federal government and municipalities. Recently, the issue of privatizing the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), the increases in allocation to the Department of Canadian Heritage in Budget 2016, and evaluating Canada’s ... READ MORE

The Sharing Economy: A Story of Creative Destruction and the Erosion of Barriers to Entry

It was a most unusual funeral. On April 29, 2017, 20 people walked mournfully through Toronto’s Kensington neighbourhood. Incense wafted from the front of the procession, followed by a saxophone player and a traditional drummer. Behind them two people carried a mock casket. People followed with protest signs. Who was the object of their mourning? Actually, it was no person at all. The ceremony was a “Requiem for Rental Housing.” And, according to these protesters, the neighbourhood’s long-term rentals did not die a natural death. They were murdered. And the killer was ... READ MORE

Analysis of the Efficiency and Equity of Green Taxes

Enthusiasts for green taxes state the only way towards a better environment and healthier economy is through taxation, true or false? In a world of convenience and on demand consumption, pollution appears to be the necessary trade off we must make for such a lifestyle. Automobile manufacturing releases smog in the atmosphere, but we continue to demand more gasoline cars. We complain about garbage dumps increasing in size, yet we still throw out garbage. Without taking an extreme view (and subsequent actions) these are real problems that need to be considered and dealt with both in an efficient and equitable manner. The purpose of this paper is to offer an analysis of whether green taxes are an optimal solution to environmental problems ... READ MORE

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