The Plague of Models: How Computer Modeling Corrupted Environmental, Health, and  Safety Regulations


Written by: Kenneth P. Green


Sometimes, reading the news, it seems we are drowning in a sea of risks. Every day, dozens of news articles proclaim some activity, some exposure, some change in the environment exposes us to new and terrifying risks. And every day, governments in developed countries pop out regulations to ensure that we make those changes in behavior to address those supposed risks, whether we want to or not. This book is about the influence of computer risk-modeling on public policy, specifically, the giant gushing fountain of EHS regulations that have poured forth since the 1970s. That shift to simulation of risk has led to a massive increase in regulation: a Plague of Regulation that rests on the Plague of Models.



223pp  ISBN: 9781778041303 (softcover)
Publisher: Gerard Lucyshyn
Published by: Fullerene Publishing Inc. March 2023

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