Balancing Elephants: Calculating Saskatchewan’s Return on Investment – Meadow Lake Pulp Mill


“We must not let rulers load us with perpetual debt.” – Thomas Jefferson.

The financial story of the Meadow Lake Pulp Mill causes many Saskatchewan residents to cringe and shake their heads in disdain. Simply put, it has historically been recorded in the minds of Saskatchewan residents as the “worst deal in the history of Saskatchewan.” The government of Saskatchewan lost their entire investment on this venture close to $1B, if one were to accept the mainstream media, defensive politicians, and special interest groups’ version of the story. However, the actual loss was only … READ MORE



Research Paper

The 1980’s brought in some of the worst economic times Saskatchewan had ever had. It was a time of many systemic changes, political uncertainties, and economic hardships, both at local and international levels. The collapse of the Soviet Union, political unrest in the middle-east, the crash of oil prices, and the devastation of agriculture brought on by drought and infestations. Despite these challenges, the Grant Devine government forged ahead with plans to diversify the Saskatchewan economy, resulting in Saskatchewanians receiving an enormous return on investment. This is the first paper in the Balancing Elephants series. The paper examines and reviews the returns on investment received by Saskatchewanians from decisions made by the Grant Devine government.

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