Academic Topics

  • Lucyshyn, G.A.,"adequatio actionis ad rem II: Strategic Behaviour of Participants in the Dispute Settlement Mechanism of the World Trade Organization" (May 2002) a comprehensive look at the strategic behviour of participants in the dispute settlement mechanism
  • Lucyshyn, G.A.,"Bretton Woods, London, Geneva, and Havana: Origins of Internationalism" (Jan 2002) a look into the "the new order" economic plan for the reconstruction and organization of Europe following World War II.


Writing ....

Business Topics


Community Topics

  • Lucyshyn, G.A.,"Walk this way" (October 2012) - published in Living in Langdon Magazine, an article looking at the use of sidewalks in community planning.
  • Lucyshyn, G.A.,"Vicarious Experiences and Words of Wisdom" (November 2011) - published in Living in Langdon Magazine, a review and applicability of the book "13 Ways to kill a Community" co-authored by Kelly Clemmer, a prize winning journalist, and the Honourable Doug Griffiths, Alberta Minister of Municipal Affairs.


Political Topics

  • Lucyshyn, G.A., "Aye aye Captain ... full St-R-eam ahead!" (July 1, 2014) - local municipal councillors accepting record setting campaign funding by developers with pending development applications, while using public funds and county credit to financially front campaign contributors development projects.
  • Lucyshyn, G.A., "And now you know ... The Rest of the Story" (June 24, 2014) - a revealing look at how a local municipal councillor was able to gain autocratic control over a $100 million dollar municipal asset that is on its way to be privatized.
  • Lucyshyn, G.A.,"All Rolled up into one: Municipal Marihuana Bylaws" (December 2013) - a satarical piece about the fast response by the municipal government following the new federal medicinal marihuana regulations.
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"You don't write because you want to say something; you write because you've got something to say"


   -  F. Scott Fitzgerald