Academic Writing

  • Lucyshyn, G.A., "adequatio actionis ad rem II: Strategic Behaviour of Participants in the Dispute Settlement Mechanism of the World Trade Organization" (May 2002) a comprehensive look at the strategic behviour of participants in the dispute settlement mechanism.
  • Lucyshyn, G.A., "Bretton Woods, London, Geneva, and Havana: Origins of Internationalism" (Jan 2002) a look into the "the new order" economic plan for the reconstruction and organization of Europe following World War II.
  • Lucyshyn, G.A., "adequatio actionis ad rem I: An examination of the World Trade Organization's Dispute Settlement Mechanism" (May 2001) a comprehensive review of the WTO's dispute settlement mechanism by looking at its history and the issues arising from restrictive trade practices.
  • Lucyshyn, G.A., "The Effectiveness of Antidumping Laws" (March 2001) a review on the causes and the effectiveness of antidumping laws.
  • Lucyshyn, G.A., "From Trade to Autarky and Back Again" (April 2000) an economic review of Chile between 1945-2000.
  • Lucyshyn, G.A., "Impact of Canada Pension Plan and Employment Insurance Contributions by Employers (April 2000) a look at the impact of mandatory employment insurance and Canada pension plan employer contributions on the labour market.
  • Lucyshyn, G.A., "Analysis of Green Taxes" (March 1999) a look at the objectives and green taxes and use of government revenues generated by green taxes.
  • Lucyshyn, G.A., "Elementary my dear Theophrastus, Elementary" (November 1998) a summary of Aristotle's reasoning and rationalization of the natural world around him.
  • Lucyshyn, G.A., "Free Telecommunications Policy in Canada: Feasible or Fairytale?" (December 1997) a look at the possibility of telecommunications becoming a public good in the future.
Gerard A. Lucyshyn, BA.(Hons), M.A.
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